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 War and Space is not a conventional space war book and you will be disappointed if you get it believing it is.
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Here is my description of the  War and Space novella on Amazon:
"After 150 years of peace on Earth the unarmed Interstellar Exploration Ship, the "Highway to Heaven" is attacked without apparent provocation by unknown aliens with much more advanced technology than the Earthmen.
This novella is the first book in the 'War and Space' Trilogy which is an attempt to look more logically at War between space faring races, including the question of whether or not interstellar war is even possible without at least one side becoming extinct.
This is a self contained book although many of the characters were first introduced in the earlier books of the Bad Boy cycle and some reference is made to earlier events.
Because it makes fun of some accepted science fiction ideas, a sense of humour is needed to understand some parts of the book. The book is suitable for people over about 9 years old."
Based on the widely differing reviews I've got on the book, many people who read the book didn't really understand what I was trying to do. The one reviewer who gets it right is Oleg Medvedkov :
Oleg MedvedkovTOP 500 REVIEWER
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"Highway to Heaven," a human exploration vessel, during scientific investigation of a system designated QB7, detected signs of life on the fourth planet. It was the first time Chlorophyll was found anywhere outside of Earth. The planet presumably had life but there was no indication of a technologically advanced civilization, at least no artificially produced radio signals.

As the "Highway to Heaven" closed in to investigate, an alien spacecraft appeared and attacked the human ship. Earthlings retreated but they were presented with a dilemma: what to do next.

The novel explores several interesting ideas. For example: Is the war between space-faring civilizations possible? Are there humanoid aliens out there? If we were to find aliens, what kind of creatures would be located closest to Earth? How would humans conduct the "first contact" with aliens that appear to be aggressive? What type of society humans (or any other species) would require to colonize space?

This book, "War and Space" (War and Space Trilogy), is a Sci-Fi novel in the traditions of the Science Fiction circa 1960s-70s. It was then the more contemplative, philosophical Sci-Fi tradition was firmly established.

Without giving any spoilers, allow me to hint that the humans and not the only sentient species living on Earth in the book's timeline. There is some adventure in this novel, and some humor. Special kudos to the writer for bringing up the matter of Space Cows and Space Cowboys and exploring their views on the matter of a potentially hostile alien contact.