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Dog Food

Dogs are omnivores with a strong preference for meat.  Humans are also omnivores, but we are better adapted to digest some types of vegetable food than Dogs.  It is even possible for Humans to live without eating any animal food, but it would be very difficult for a Dog to do this.  In the wild, Dogs vary in how high a percentage of meat they eat. 

Studies of Dingos in Australia have found that meat makes up about 80% of their food and the other 20% is plants.  But quite similar Dogs in Asia only manage to get about 20% of their diet in the form of meat.

Cheaper Dog foods tend to have cereal products as their number one ingredient while more expensive Dog food are likely to have meat as their first ingredient. 

One exception to this is Uncle Albers Dog food which is made in South Australia by Laucke mills.  This Dog food is one of the cheaper ones, but it lists meat as its first ingredient.  This is not an extruded food like most dry Dog foods, and not all Dogs will like it.  This is the food used by one of the boarding Kennels that buy from us, and they find no trouble with the acceptance of Uncle Albers by their Dogs. 
Uncle Albers is a high fat and high protein food.