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The tuckers Stores are independent shops.  They are in the Tuckers buying group which enables them to have greater buying power and get the bulk discounts that big companies get.  Because of the fierce competition in the market place, they will tend to pass on these discounts to their customers.  The owners also do their best to provide good service.

Tuckers also provide the opportunity for advertising on a scale that would be impractical for single shops.  Tuckers officially started on July the 1st 2012.  The first catalogue is being distributed to many towns in Australia starting on August the 13th 2012.

Betta Trading is one of over 200 members of this group.

The prices of goods will vary from store to store.  Tuckers Stores are competing with each other as well as with other shops.  Some towns will have more than one Tuckers Store in them.  Littlehampton is a little town and Betta Trading is the only Tucker Store in town, but there are Tuckers Stores is some near by towns.