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Copyright and Legal Notice
This web site, the fact sheets on it and other things were written by Steve Challis of Betta Trading.  Steve Challis and Betta Trading assert the moral and legal right to be recognised as the author and owner of the copyright of the things written by Steve Challis.  Some of the pictures were  taken by Steve Challis. 
Some pictures were taken from Wikimedia Commons, and used under the appropriate licence. This includes a number of pictures that are in the Public Domain.
These are attributed where appropriate.  These images can be used by other people under the conditions of the original licence.  The terms are available at Wikimedia Commons. If I have made mistakes and failed to properly attribute any pictures I apologise to the copyright owners of these pictures and hope that they will contact me so I can correct my error.
The design of the packaging of products shown here are the property of the manufacturers of these products.

The Technical Info pages are taken from the manufacturers of these products.  The copyright of these pages is the property of these manufacturers.

The use copyrighted material is limited by Australian and International law.  These things are put on this site for personal use, including downloading.  Commercial uses are generally not allowed without the permission of the owner of the copyright.  For permission to use any material for commercial purposes, please contact Steve at Betta Trading, or for the Technical Info pages please contact the manufacturers of the products, or see Wikimedia Commons.

All reasonable efforts are made to keep everything as accurate as possible, but please be aware that prices can change without notice.  I apologise in advance for any mistakes I have made.
Some information and pictures that are in the Public Domain has been included on this web site.
Google ads may appear on of some of our pages. These often include ads from our competitors.  We are not afraid of competition.  Betta Trading is not responsible for the content of these ads. Recently I  have reduced the number and prominence of adverts because many of them are distracting and irrelevant to the subjects of the page they are on.
Privacy Policy

Because Google put adverts, they require that we explain the privacy policy as related to adverts. 
Below is the Privacy Policy:
I do not collect any information about people who visit this site. 
Our hosting company (Jumba) provides some statistics, but these are of a general nature and do not allow the identification of individuals.
Google also has a privacy policy relating to people who click their adverts, See the links in the following sentence from Google:
"At Google we recognize that privacy is important. This Privacy Policy applies to all of the products, services and websites offered by Google Inc. or its subsidiaries or affiliated companies except DoubleClick (DoubleClick Privacy Policy) and Postini (Postini Privacy Policy); collectively, Google’s “services.” In addition, where more detailed information is needed to explain our privacy practices, we post supplementary privacy notices to describe how particular services process personal information. These notices can be found in the Google Privacy Center."