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Betta Trading sells this product at $19 for a 250g jar of the clear gel.

We do not sell online.

Rapigel® was made by the Vetsearch Company.  This company is now owned by Virbac which  makes this excellent product.

This product is registered for use on Horses and Dogs.

The Active ingredients are:  Menthol 20mg/g, Camphor 6.25mg.g, Isopropyl Alcohol 350mg/g.



Rapigel® relieves the pain of arthritis.

Many old dogs and horses suffer from this painful affliction.

Inflammation and Swelling

Rapigel® aids in reducing inflammation and swelling in joints and tendons.


Rapigel® should be rubbed into the affected area at full strength before and after workout.  It can be used under wet or dry bandages.  .

It relieves muscle soreness due to over exertion, fatigue or bruising.

Aching Joints

Rapigel® relives the pain of aching joints.

Rapigel® both relieves pain and stimulates improved circulation in the area it is rubbed on. The Menthol has a cooling effect.


This is a fairly safe product.  For further details, see the Material Data Safety Sheet.