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Queen Luna and the Gang of Four is the second of Luna's books, continuing on after her autobiography.It costs about 99 cents in some places and a similar amount in other places and is free in many countries.
As Luna herself describes the book:
In this sequel to my Autobiography, I introduce you to my four young friends and together we battle the Bad Man who is becoming totally mad and tries to shoot me with a gigantic shot gun.
You also meet Charlie, the harmless ten year old intruder who is somehow linked to the Bad Man.
With colour pictures.
This book is most suitable for ages 10 to 16 although I hope everyone will read it.
This book only has 7 reviews (all 5 star) Here is one of the reviews:
Very cute. A view of the happenings at the book post and surroundings as seen through the eyes of Luna the cat. There are adventures, danger and treats from the gang. Luna is brave and is very opinionated about snakes, foxes, stupid people and other animals. Let's look forward to the next Luna adventure.