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Poultry Food Price List
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Lucky Layer  pellets 15% Protein         20Kg        $17
Golden Yolk  pellets 15% Protein         22Kg        $18
Red Hen        15% Protein             20Kg    $23.00
Red Hen Scratch Grain Mix          20Kg    $23.00 (12% Protein)
Free Range Red Hen                      20Kg    $23.00 ( 15% Protein)
Darling Downs layer                      20Kg    $23.00 (15% Protein)
Red Hen 17 High protein (17%) Layer crumble 20 Kg $23


Wheat                                         20Kg       $15.00
Barley                                         20Kg       $15.00
Oats                                            20Kg       $15.00
Chicken Grain Mix                     20Kg      $22.00

Shell Grit                         20 Kg    $19
Chicks and Pullets
Chick Starter                18% Protein          20Kg        $23.00
Pullet Grower               15% Protein          20Kg        $23.00
Game Birds: Quail, Pheasants, Peacocks, Guinea Fowl etc
Showbird Breeder        17%Protein           20Kg        $24.00

Lucky Layer
Lucky Layer is a brand of Layer pellets made by the Coprice company.
These pellets are completely vegetarian, using vegetable protein, including soya bean meal, to get their 15 % protein.  
They contain marigold flowers as a natural yolk colouring.
The main ingredients of Lucky Layer pellets are Wheat, Barley and Sorghum.  They also have Rice bran as well as Wheat bran and pollard. Rice bran is high in oil, and these pellets also contain canola oil which is high in omega 3 fatty acids to help the hens produce eggs with a favourable balance of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids.  The pellets have 3% fat (Slightly higher than Golden Yolk Pellets.) Lucky layer pellets have 3.8 % calcium as well as a mix of other minerals and vitamins.  They are fortified with essential amino acids to increase the biological value of the protein.
 Coprice is a very well known and reputable company and their products are of good quality.
RSPCA The Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has endorsed Lucky Layer, as well as some of Coprice's other products.
Lucky Layer contains no artificial or flavours or colours.
Like other layer pellets in Australia, they have no antibiotics or hormones added.  
Because they contain no meat meal they also do not contain the hormones often fed to cattle.
The yolk colouring they have added is from Marigold flowers.

Golden Yolk  20 Kg
 Golden Yolk layers pellets is the most popular of the several poultry feeds that we sell
 The following is loosely based on the "Chook Book" published by Ridley Agriproducts, but I have modified some parts based on my own experience in keeping hens.

Ensure birds have continuous access to feed – do not restrict feed consumption.
Self-feeders designed for poultry are a good way to ensure feed is continuously available.
Hens are very good at balancing their own diet if they have access to good food like Golden Yolk pellets.  
They will eat good quality green food if it is available.  Fresh kitchen scraps can be given.
Ensure hens have access to clean, fresh water at all times.
As a personal note; in my experience both the taste and appearance of eggs will be improved substantially if the hens have access to green grass.  
• You can expect hens to consume 130 grams of feed per bird each day.
• A group of 10 hens will consume approximately 9 kg of feed each week.
Each hen can be expected to eat about 48 kg of Golden Yolk a year if this is the only food it is getting.  If substantially more than this is being used, you are probably losing some to wild birds or rodents.