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Luna, the Autobiography of a Super Cat
I am a Cat who had a lot of experiences in my 4 years. In my Autobiography with 21 pictures and 5000 words you can meet my friends like Michael, the local mob and the kind farmer, hate my enemies like the Big Fat Ugly Dog, the Bad Man and the Satanic Cat and laugh at the strange ideas of the enigmatic Bad Boy. Michael says that if anyone buys any of my other books the money will pay for some nice cat food, but my autobiography is free.
This book is free on Amazon in the United States, Australia and some other places most of the time and about 99 cents in the places it isn't free.
It is free on Smashwords all the time, everywhere.
So far I've published eight books on Amazon. Most of my books are 99 US cents each. Luna the Stowaway is $2.99.