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Luna and the Heroes
Luna and her four young friends become heroes in three separate situations, but were they all chance, or did the four boys set one of them up so they could become heroes again? Luna knows the answer, but the police cannot understand cat so she can't tell them what happened.
This book cost 99 cents in the US and a similar amount in other countries.
It has 6 reviews of Amazon: 5 Five 5 star ones and one 4 star review.
Here is one of  the 5 star reviews:
Oleg Medvedkov "How to Prevent Unicorns from ... (Sacramento, CA) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Luna and the Heroes (Luna Books) (Kindle Edition)
"Luna and the Heroes" is a book about adventures of Luna the Cat and four young boys: Ian, Fuji, Dennis, and Raymond. With the help of their friend Probationary Constable Amelia Smith, they solve some difficult situations in which they accidentally get involved.

At the start of the book, the boys and Luna save a driver from a car wreck. The next adventure involves a fire, and now the boys are suspected of starting it. Some of the police officers think that since the boys had a taste for being heroes, they might invent problems and then solve them to get back into a spotlight. Luna, of course, has her own opinion about the shortsighted police officer in question, however, police does not speak "cat." Another adventure has the boys and Luna save a little girl from drowning.

The story also diverts into a short description of Charleston and a discussion about "speciesism" -- how different species dislike each other and how it applies to the human species.

"Luna and the Heroes" is set in Australia, so be prepared for people dialing triple 0 to call the police, and the firefighters being called "CFS." Luna is also a point of view character, so be prepared to view the world through the "cat's eye"

This book is a nice kid's adventure story, with some images to illustrate where the action takes place. There are also the Luna's trademark humor and jokes in this book, mainly in her making observations of humans and their behavior. It's a good, old-fashioned, heart-warming read.