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Luna and the Cat Burglar is Luna's third book, and continues on from Queen Luna and the Gang of Four.
In the US it costs 99 cents and is a similar price in other places.
Following the arrest of the Bad Man, the Gang of Four and I had informal counseling from Probationary Constable Amelia Smith for the trauma of having a shot gun fired at us. She was in as much need of support as the rest of us, but the counseling sessions soon turned into information meetings in our attempts to catch the 'Gentleman Cat Burglar' as the papers were calling the mysterious jewel thief who always left a polite note hoping than the thing stolen was insured.

With the help of the ten year old criminal, Charlie Darwin, we catch up with the cat burglar at two o'clock in the morning.

But things aren't always as they seem. Was the cat burglar a dangerous criminal, or a modern day Robin Hood doing what our government should be doing?
So far this has the most reviews of all my books, with 10 five star reviews on Amazon.
Here is the review I like best:
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This review is from: Luna and the Cat Burglar (Luna Books) (Kindle Edition)
"Luna and the Cat Burglar" is a sleuthing adventure of Luna the Cat and the "Gang of Four": Ian, Fuji, Dennis, and Raymond, young boys who "help" Luna to solve mysteries. In this installment of Luna's escapades, she and the boys are in pursuit of a "Gentleman Cat Burglar," a mysterious jewel thief who strikes with impunity. Charlie, a ten year old "master criminal" with a remarkable ability to put clues together.

This book starts with Probationary Constable Amelia Smith, a friend of Luna and the gang, and "the nicest officer in the police force," helping them to cope with some traumatic experiences from a previous episode. While Humans discuss this new case of a disappearing jewelry, Luna is wondering about inappropriateness of the definition of "Cat Burglar." "Was a cat burglar someone who steals cats, or a cat that steals?" she ponders.

This is a traditional detective story, with clues and leads that Luna and the boys analyze and follow. Well, Luna is, of course, indispensable, as usual, when she is not busy providing commentary on the Human condition. The addition of Charlie in this book is welcome. He manages to tie things together and balance the team rather nicely. The "Gentleman Cat Burglar" does not come through as a malicious type, which suits the tone of the book well: this is a light mystery-adventure with a well-balanced humorous touch. Good read for both kids and adults.