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Luna and the Arsonists
The Fire Danger is Catastrophic and a Pyromaniac is loose

Fires are being started in the driest state of the driest inhabited continent. Even 'normal' criminals don't want a fire storm to destroy a town. As a cat I worry about all the animals killed in fires.
With the help of my 13 year old friends in the Gang of Four and Charlie the 11 year old fugitive from injustice, I set out to catch the arsonists terrorizing my area.
The police are also trying to catch the arsonists but have found one of Charlie's devices and wonder what the link between the maker of the enigmatic device and the arsonist is.
The Barron brothers are criminals also after the arsonists, but are suspected by the police.
And where does Roger Brown fit in? This heroic little boy with his tragic history seems to be the link between the different groups, or is he the arsonist himself? To me it is obvious that Roger is not telling us the full truth. Charlie is also wary of Roger.
The different groups meet on a day of catastrophic fire danger. If we fail to stop the arsonists the town of Nairne will be in the path of a fire storm fanned by a ferociously hot northerly gale off the desert.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Solve the mystery
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Luna once again kept me turning the pages. This time she's written a sort of whodunit around a series of arson events. She skilfully leaves a trail of clues for the reader to pick up one by one. At the end, she neatly wraps it all up for us, tying up all the loose ends and leaving the reader with a sense of satisfaction. This book is cleverly written, very interesting and clearly the work of someone with intelligence way above average. Well done Luna!