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Fat Dogs
A lot of dogs are overweight.  Naturally if you have an overweight Dog you need to look at all aspects of your Dog's life style, including whether it is getting enough exercise.  Most Dogs will benefit from being taken for a walk regularly, just as most Humans will benefit from taking a Dog for a walk.
The total amount of food your Dog gets, including extras and treats needs to be looked at.
One of the things frequently necessary to look at is the amount of fat in the Dog's food.  Many low fat foods for Dogs are quite expensive, but not all of them are.

Our cheapest low fat dog food is the
Lazy Aussie Dog food, or L.A.D. for short.
This also has the lowest level of fat at 6%.
L.A.D. is made by Ridley Agriproducts, the makers of the Cobber range of dog foods.
The low fat dog food that we sell the most of is Super Coat Lite and Mature.  This has 7% fat.
Another popular low fat dog food is Bonnie White n Lite.  This has 6.5% fat.