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Goldfish $1.50 each or
10 for $12
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The Goldfish,  (Carassius auratus auratus) is one of the two most popular pets in the world.  Goldfish were also one of the first fish to be domesticated.  They came originally from China.  Much selective breeding has been done in many countries, notably Japan.  The wild Goldfish was a bronzy colour.  It is a very tough fish.  There are now well over 100 different varieties of Goldfish.  One of the first things done by selective breeders was to breed from the occasional gold coloured wild goldfish.
Goldfish are bred in huge quantities in many countries.  Naturally the ones best suited to the conditions of any country will be one bred in that country rather than imported.
At Betta Trading in Littlehampton in the Adelaide Hills, we sell only Goldfish bred in Australia.  Most of our fish were bred at Boolarra Fish Farms in Victoria.  This fish farm has been going for many years and has an extremely good reputation.
In 2001 the GST was introduced and we had to increase the price of our small Goldfish to $1.50 each or 10 for $12.  We have not increased the price since.
The fish at this price are mainly comets, but also include Shubunkins.  Most of them are gold, but they include a variety of colours.  We can catch the particular fish you want, or you can ask for mixed colours.  The nominal size of these fish is 4-5 cm although they include some a bit larger.  People often select these first.
We also have larger fish at a higher price and a few different varieties of Goldfish.  This is in addition to the large numbers of tropical fish we sell such as Neon Tetras which are $1 each or 10 for $9.