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These are a few of the fish that we normally have in stock.  To see our full range, please come to our shop and see. 
These are are normal prices.

Small Comets $1.50 Each or 

10 For $12 This is not a special.  Our Goldfish have been this Price since 2001
Turtles $75  . Turtles are currently available. 

Frozen Turtle Dinner $4, or 4 for $14.00
Tropical Fish (Need a heater unless kept in a room that never gets cold)
 Fighting Fish (Bettas)   See Siamese Fighting Fish Fact Sheet                                                                                                        
Neons $1 each or 10 for $9  
This is not a special.  Our Neons have been this price since 1990
                                                                        Rasboras        Tetras                                                      Harlequins   $4
Black Neons $3                                                               Scissortails    $5
Glowlights $3
Buenos Aires $5               
Lemon $4
Red Blue Colombian $6
Live Bearers
Swordtails $4
Platies $4
Variatus platies $4
Mollies from $5           

Temperate Fish       (Suitable for unheated aquariums in a normal house, or a pond outside in the summer, but not in a pond outside in the winter) 

Large Rosy Barbs $7

Cold Water Fish  (Suitable for ponds outside all year round)
Small Comets $1.50 Each or 10 For $12
Large (14cm) Comets $10
Small Black Moors $4
Large Black Moors $12
Shubunkins $2 
Other Cold Water Fish
River Murray Rainbow Fish  $9
Paradise Fish  $8
Golden Madakas $2