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Dog Food Price List   
These are some of the main dog foods we have in stock. For others, please come and see.
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Supercoat      18Kg      $48    Note that This Price applies to all 18Kg bags of supercoat; Large Breed Puppy Puppy, Active, Adult Lite and MatureAdult Beef, Adult Chicken and Adult Large Breed as well as to 15 Kg bags of Supercoat Sensitive.

Bonnie Complete 20Kg $44.00                                                                              
Bonnie Lite 20Kg $44.00
Bonnie Puppy 20Kg $44.00


Uncle Albers 22Kg $30.00                                                               

Cobber Family Pet 20Kg $36  
Cobber Country 20Kg $35.00                                                      

Cobber Working Dog 20Kg $36.00   

Cobber Puppy           8 Kg $21.00
Cobber Puppy         20 Kg $40
Lazy Aussie Dog Food  20 Kg $29


Snackbone Biscuits   5Kg $27.00
4*2 Biscuits             10Kg $30
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Advance and Black Hawk  super premium dog foods.