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Cool Horse Feed

 When the makers of horse feeds are naming their products, the words “cool” and “calm” are used synonymously.  So, for example when Laucke Mills was looking for a name for their competitor of the very popular "Calm Performer Pellets" of Ridley AgriProducts, they called it “Cool Horse and Pony Pellets”.  . 

All these types of pellet are intended for horses in light to moderate work, or as a maintenance ration.  They are not intended for horses working hard, or for breeders.

Mitavite make an extruded product called "Xtra-cool" which does the same job.  Although this is a little more expensive, the Mitavite Company claims that the extrusion process improves the digestibility of the feed.

For horses that are working hard, a higher fat pellet is suggested.  One of these is "Cool Stamina", made by Laucke.   Another high fat pellet by Laucke is "Cool +". This is actually made as a pellet for breeding horses.

Like XTRA-COOL from Mitavite, Cool Conditioner from Coprice is a little higher in fat than some of the other cool feeds.

Apart from pellets, there are other products made for Horses that do not tend to over excite them.  One of these is Copra, the remains of the white part of the coconut after most of the oil has been squeezed out.  This is still a high fat food which has a number of benefits for horses.

Some of the feeds made by British Horse Feeds such as"Speedi-Beet" and "Fibre-Beet" are also cool feeds.

Cool Conditioner Pellets 20 Kg
12% protein, 6% fat
Calm Performer Pellets  20 K
11% protein, 2.5% fat

Xtra-cool    20 Kg
12% protein, 6% fat
Cool Stamina   20 Kg
14% protein, 9% fat
Cool +    20 Kg
18% protein, 9% fat
Copra    20 Kg
20% protein, 8% fat
Speedi-Beet     20 Kg 
9% protein, 0.7% oil, 5% sugar
Fibre-Beet    20 Kg
9% protein, 0.7% oil, 5% sugar