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Cat Food     

Black Hawk 3Kg $35

Black Hawk 8 Kg $68

Friskies 10Kg $35

Supercoat 8Kg $35                                                         

Cat Litter

Cat litters are made from a large variety of things.   It needs to be absorbent of water, and ideally should also adsorb odours.    Most of the things we sell in bags are sold by weight, but with cat litters this is inconsistent, with the more dense litters like the clay based Fussy Cat stating the amount in the bag in Kilograms, but the low density paper based Breeders Choice makers preferring to tell us their volume in Litres.

In the end, you will need to try out the litter and see if it suits your cat.

Fussy Cat used to be called Attapulgite.   It is clay based and is fire proof and resistant to a number of chemicals so it can be used for things like adsorbing fat under a barbeque, or soaking up oil spills in a service station as well as in a cat litter tray.   Technically it is a crystalloid hydrous magnesium-aluminium silicate mineral.


Katz Korner is a wood based litter made by Laucke Mills in the Barossa Valley of South Australia.

The litter we sell the most of is Max’s.   This is made by Coprice from Rice hulls.   It is approved by the RSPCA.

Breeders Choice is made from recycled newspaper and is in the form of paper pellets.   It is also a popular litter, and is used by the vet next door to our shop for her clinic Cats.

Disposing of Cat Litter

The most common way of disposing of used Cat litter is to put it on the garden.   Some plants are damaged by the high nutrient content of the used litter, but we have used it for years on our Roses with good results.

Cat Litters sold by Betta Trading

Max's 12.5 Kg $20

Katz Korner 10 Kg $15

Fussy Cat 20 Kg $26

Breeders Choice 30 Litres $23