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Breeding Horse Feed

Horses of both sexes being prepared for breeding  need suitable food containing all the essential nutrients.  This also applies to Mares that are pregnant or lactating, and to young horses.  Naturally many feed manufacturers make special food for these horses.
Ridley AgriProducts make “Breed n Grow” which is a popular feed.  The Laucke equivalent is “Cool +”.  This is similar to Breed n Grow, but not very popular, despite being slightly cheaper.  I suspect that the problem with Cool + is its name, which doesn’t clearly identify it as a food for breeding horses.
Another popular breeding food is “Breeda” from Mitavite.  Mitavite also make a cheaper breeding food.  Although “Studgro” is not as popular as Breeda, it has a following.  Several of the horse breeders who buy from us use both Breeda and Studgro.  Studgro used to only be available in bulk for large horse studs, but the Mitavite company now sells it in bags as well. Some discriminating breeders choose to use Studgro for many of their horses.


Breed n Grow   20 Kg
17% protein, 4% fat
Cool + 20 Kg
 18% protein, 9% fat
Breeda 20 Kg
17% protein, 10% fat
Studgro 20 Kg
14.5% protein, 8% fat