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Black Hawk    20 Kg $110 

Black Hawk is a super-premium brand of Dog and Cat foods with no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours, and has no added hormones and no genetically modified organisms. They are made in Australia and have to conform to the high Australian Standards of manufacture and labeling. The bulk of Black Hawk ingredients are produced in Australia.

Black Hawk Foods for Adult Dogs

Lamb and Rice is the most popular of all the Black Hawk foods. Owners report that their dogs love it. With 25% protein and 17% fat it is the richest of the rice containing Black Hawk foods for adult dogs.

Chicken and Rice has 22% protein and 12% fat, and is probably the second most popular of the Black Hawk Foods for adult dogs.

Fish and Potato Black Hawk adult dog food has sweet potato instead of rice. It has 22% protein and 14% fat.

Grain Free Black Hawk Dog Foods are less popular than the others. There are two reasons for this.

The first reason is that they are more expensive and a 15Kg Bag costs $120.

The second reason only a few people buy these is a very confusing statement on the front of the bags. The grain free chicken bag says it contains “52% real meat proteins” and “48% vegetables, fruit and oils”. This makes it sound as if it contains 52% protein which is much too high for dogs. In fact, it has 28% protein and 18% fat. It is an excellent food that dogs like.

Working Dog Black Hawk is a new introduction. It is made with pasture fed lamb and beef, and contains  32% and 22% fat. These are both very high and this food is suitable for dogs that are working very hard, or which are extremely energetic. A dog insufficiently energetic might put on weight with this food.

Puppy Foods

Black Hawk make Lamb and Rice and Chicken and Rice puppy foods, both with 30% protein and 17% fat. They also do a Large Breed Puppy Chicken and Rice food with 26% protein and 16% fat.

Cat Foods

Both Seafood and Rice and Chicken and Rice Black Hawk cat foods contain 32% protein and 18% fat. In both these flavours our price is

  8Kg $68 or

3Kg, $35.

Black Hawk have discontinued the 20 Kg size bag of Cat foods and replaced it with 15 Kg.

Grain Free Chicken Black Hawk is one of the most popular of their cat foods. It has 34% protein and 16% fat. We only stock it in 3Kg for $35.